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We offer two types of memberships, Voting and Non-Voting.

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428 Bryant Circle #246
Ojai, CA 93023
Not open to the Public;
we are a Private Horticulture Social Club

Phone Number:
(805) 640-6464

Fax Number:
(805) 640-8124

Mon-Sat 9am to 5pm

Orders before 10am get same day drop-off
Closed Sundays (Office & Delivery)

Mission Statement

Shangri La Care is a members only club. Members helping members to grow and cultivate food for the table and herbs for their health.

Shangri La Care & Members offer Educational & Teaching seminars on growing and cultivating techniques.

Members offer a helping hand to members that do not have the mobility or can not grow their own fresh, organic food for the table & herbs for their health needs.

  • Shangri La Care Cooperative is a member's only club
  • Privacy of our members is Strictly protected
  • Shangri La Care Cooperative (Voting Membership) also operates as a Collective (Non-Voting membership) to create legal access to one's health needs
  • All Shangri La members have access to our attorneys
  • Shangri La follows HIPAA Guidelines Protecting Patient Data
  • Not for Profit California Cooperative Corporation
  • You must be 21 or older to become a member
What You Can Expect As A Member:
  • Hospice Patients membership fees waived
  • Caregivers and Medical Service Care Providers welcome
  • Disabled people get lower or no membership fees
  • Serving all Ventura County
  • All products tested and evaluated
  • Organic
  • Highest Quality Herbs
  • Special Orders
  • Free gift with sign up
  • Top quality products
  • Membership discounts on horticulture supplies, goods and services and used equipment postings
  • Legal defense fund (on a review basis)

To further understand our membership guidelines please Click Here to read our by laws for all members.

Membership Fee to join the Cooperative: One time payment of $300.00

There is no fee to join the Collective.

Prop. 215 & SB 420 Compliant

Members Giving Members A Caring Hand
Shangri-La (Definition):
  1. An imaginary paradise on earth, esp. a remote and exotic utopia
  2. A faraway haven or hideaway of idyllic beauty and tranquility.


*Once you receive your Username & Password, login to view our private membership products, goods, & services

Meeting Calendar

Voting Members:

November 22nd, 2014
1:00pm To 4:00pm

Location: Healing Center of America
107 West Aliso Street, Ojai

Events Calendar

OJAI Seminars:


Location: Healing in America Center, 107 West Aliso Ojai 93023
Guests welcome, RSVP (Seating is Limited) #805-640-6464

VENTURA Seminars:


Location: VMFW Hall in Ventura, 3801 Market Street
Guests welcome, RSVP (Seating is Limited) #805-640-6464

The public is invited to learn how Cannabis products work to achieve better health. Also learn about the science & results that our members are achieving on their road to better health.