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408 Bryant Circle, STE K-1
Ojai, Ca, 93023
Appointment Only
Cannabis Free Zone
Wellness Education Center
Only Lab Samples Accepted

Phone Number:
(805) 640-6464

Office Hours:
Mon-Fri: 9am to 5pm
Saturday: 12pm to 6pm
Sunday: Closed

Orders before 10am get same day drop-off

Orders received by 5pm from website or SLCC office computer will either get their order that evening or following day. Client will be contacted by SLCC to setup delivery.

Closed Sundays (Office & Delivery)

Mission Statement

Shangri La Care is a members only club. Members helping members to grow and cultivate food for the table and herbs for their health.

Shangri La Care & Members offer Educational & Teaching seminars on growing and cultivating techniques.

Members offer a helping hand to members that do not have the mobility or can not grow their own fresh, organic food for the table & herbs for their health needs.

  • Shangri La Care Cooperative is a member's only club
  • Privacy of our members is Strictly protected
  • Shangri La Care Cooperative (Voting Membership) also operates as a Collective (Non-Voting membership) to create legal access to one's health needs
  • All Shangri La members have access to our attorneys
  • Shangri La follows HIPAA Guidelines Protecting Patient Data
  • Not for Profit California Cooperative Corporation
  • You must be 21 or older to become a member
What You Can Expect As A Member:
  • Hospice Patients are welcome
  • Caregivers and Medical Service Care Providers welcome
  • Serving all Ventura County
  • All products tested and evaluated
  • Organic
  • Highest Quality Herbs
  • Special Orders
  • Top quality products
  • Membership discounts on horticulture supplies, goods and services and used equipment postings
  • Legal defense fund (on a review basis)

To further understand our membership guidelines please Click Here to read our by laws for all members.

There is no fee to join the Collective.

Prop. 215 & SB 420 Compliant

Members Giving Members A Caring Hand
Shangri-La (Definition):
  1. An imaginary paradise on earth, esp. a remote and exotic utopia
  2. A faraway haven or hideaway of idyllic beauty and tranquility.


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Meeting Calendar

Members Meeting:
February 22nd, 2015

Voting Members:
1:00pm To 2:30pm

Non-Voting Members:
3:00pm To 5:00pm

Location: SLCC Headquarters
408 Bryant Circle, STE K-1, Ojai

Events Calendar

Investor Seminar:

January 10th, 2015
1:00pm To 4:00pm

Location: SLCC Headquarters
408 Bryant Circle STE K-1