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408 Bryant Circle, STE K-1
Ojai, Ca, 93023
Appointment Only
Cannabis Free Zone
Wellness Education Center
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(805) 640-6464

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(805) 640-8124

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Mon-Fri: 9am to 5pm
Saturday: 12pm to 6pm
Sunday: Closed

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Closed Sundays
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A few years ago three people came together with a common goal of building a Cooperative that was above all of the rest. Our cooperative is a Private Membership Horticulture Social Club serving Ventura County.

The boards of directors believe in the healing powers of medical cannabis and whole and healthy foods. We wanted a membership base that are able and willing to give club members a helping hand. Our members help with everything from growing organic medical grade cannabis, to cultivating food for the table and herbs for good health.

Our staff listens to its membership's health issues and the input from their own health providers and their recommendations on what would be the best solution for a certain defined health issue that is confronting the member. There are hundreds if not thousands of options that will make a big difference in their daily lives. This is a much higher bar and commitment than what you see currently in this field. And based on the events that have been unfolding just in the last year, the bar we are setting maybe higher than the norm. This may include tinctures or edibles, special strains, known levels of chemistry that are present. If the patient needs a certain medical cannabis strain to help with a particular health condition, everything is done to make that happen.

Our members offer a helping hand to members that do not have the mobility or cannot grow their own fresh organic vegetables and herbs for their health needs.

We are very excited to add to our Cooperative (Voting Member) a new level of support as a member of our Collective (Non-Voting), just recently added to our State Corporation profile with the state. With the history of two years under our voting Cooperative belt, we have voted to expand into a Collective as well. No membership fee is required and once approved, you will have access to the same tested products and services that we offer.

Please Note: As a Non-voting member, goods and services are slightly higher cost for the fact that a current Cooperative member helps the Collective member though it's reimbursement program for the support effort.

Shangri La Care Cooperative, Inc. set the legitimacy bar high above all the rest. Our club is both Prop 215 and SB 420 compliant.

Meeting Calendar

What: POT LUCK (Food Only)
When: Saturday, July 29th, 2017
Time: 1:00 - 2:30pm Voting members only
3:00 - 5:00pm Non-Voting and public
Place: Wellness Center in Ojai
408 Bryant Circle, Suite K-1
Ojai, CA 93023

We will be opening soon. Thank you for your support and for being so patient.

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